How to deploy new Device Agent?

  1. Login to your Security Center.
  2. Click Asset Manager in the header.
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click +New Devices 
  5. Read the instructions and proceed.
  6. Create Token:
    • Name your Token.
    • Set the validation date.
      • Token validity duration should be as low as possible to avoid security exposures
      • One token allows you to register and connect several Device Agents
      • Deployment tokens will become enabled within a max time of 6 hours after they have been created. Any Device Agent deploy prior to a token becoming enabled will retry to register until it succeeds
      • This token needs to be valid during the time you plan this app to be active. If this token
        becomes expired it will stop new Device Agent’s from being registered using this
    • Click Create.
  7. Under the Token you can check your tokens status: 
    • Active.
    • Expired.
    • Not Active.
  8. Deployment:
    • Manually deployment 
      • Package: Click on the download icon mceclip1.pngto download the Device agent (We are using Microsoft Windows MSI package for Device Agent for windows).
      • Token: Select your Token that you previously create.
      • Proxy: if you have a local network that is not directly connected with the network then you can use the scanner appliance as a proxy to connect the Device Agent with the security center. check this article.
        Choose the protocol for the proxy connection and select the scanner appliance you would like to use.

        Note: the proxy feature are not enabled on the scanner appliance by default, you will need to enable it from the Scanner Appliance machine: 
        How to connect Device Agent using Proxy on Scanner Appliance ?

        Installation: for windows: How to install Device Agent on Windows manually?
    • Mass deployment
  9. Done!
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