Device Agent outbound network access

Outbound communication is required for the Device Agent to function properly.
The service only requires outbound access to these public endpoints (no inbound access is required). Outbound IP network access to Holm Security

Holm Security SaaS endpoints: 

  • IPv4: and
  • IPv6: 2a0b:6800::/29
  • TCP: 443

Network example: Device agent > Holm Security SaaS endpoint (TCP 443)


Optionally you can use a Scanner Appliance as a middleman to have Holm Security Device Agents communicate via Scanner Appliance to the public internet endpoints. This is a preferred setup in case your devices do not have direct public internet access inside of a restricted network zone. Outbound access using Scanner Appliance proxy

Usage of proxy enabled on Scanner Appliance requires access from Device Agent to Scanner Appliance hosted by customer:

  • TCP: 8888

Network example: Device agent > Scanner Appliance proxy (TCP 8888) > Holm Security SaaS endpoint (TCP 443)  

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