How a device life cycle and its statuses work?

Each Device Agent have a life cycle, you can check it by:

  1. Login to your Security Center.
  2. Click Asset Manager in the header. 
  3. Click Devices
  4. Hover over the mceclip0.pngicon beside the State to have more information about each state: 
    • Active: Working Properly.
    • Stale: No activity for over a week.
    • Disconnected: No activity for over a month.
    • Disabled: Collection of data is disabled.
    • Removed: Manually deleted.
  5. Stale and Disconnected are based on when the Device agent reported last.
    • Device agents that have been in the state Disconnected or Removed, and did not send any data for more than 6 months, will automatically disappear. Those agents will need to be reinstalled in order to become Active again.
  6. You can Disable or Remover any Device Agent manually
    • Click on the edit icon mceclip2.png  
    • Click on State under General information and choose to disable, remove or re-activate a device.
  7. Done!
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