How to install a Device Agent Automatically via Intune

Deployment via Microsoft Azure Intune (Intune) is supported natively using the MSI package and the
concept of Line-of-business apps (Windows MSI) within Intune.

How to proceed the installation:  

  1. login to your security Center
  2. Click on Asset Manager
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click +New device
  5. Head to Deployment:
    • Package: Click on the download icon mceclip1.pngto download the Device agent installer
    • Choose your previously created token under Token.
  6.  Copy the installation command and argument. Remove the command msiexec, MSI package
    name and the /i argument to make it compatible with Intune. Intune Example:


  • (Optional) Confirm if you need to use a proxy. If needed you will need to add that as an
    argument to the installation arguments with a proper endpoint.

Setup in Intune:

Browse to Apps in your Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  1.  Add a new Windows Line-of-business app.
  2.  Upload the MSI of Device Agent as the selected file to be used for the app.
  3. App install context is required to be Device.
  4. Ignore app version set to Yes (as Device Agent is updated automatically).
  5. Command-line arguments here you paste in the created arguments from step 6.
  6. The rest of the options are custom and not a direct requirement for the installation.
  7. Proceed selecting what Device groups that should receive the app (see Deployment strategy
    chapter in this document for more information)
  8. Monitor the roll out of apps and confirm that it is installed successfully on all devices.


9. Done!

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