How to install Device Agent on Windows manually/ GPO (Group Policy Objects)

  1. login to your security Center
  2. Click on Asset Manager
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click +New device
  5. Head to Deployment:
    • Package: Click on the download icon mceclip0.pngto download the Device agent (We are using Microsoft Windows MSI package for Device Agent for windows).
    • Choose your previously created token under Token.:
  6. Start the installation wizard for the device agent and click next.
    In the configuration settings:
    • You can either fill out the fields manually by copying the unique deployment token and the pre-configured Endpoints and finalize the installation
    • Or by using Command line (CMD):

      • Copy the installation command and argument from Security Center.
      •  Confirm that the data is correct.
      •  (Optional) Confirm if you need to use a proxy. If needed you will need to add that as an argument to the installation arguments with a proper endpoint
      • Initiate the installation.



7. Done!



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