How to connect Device Agent using Proxy on Scanner Appliance?

  • You will need to enable the Proxy feature on your machine first by opening your machine and head to
  1. Configuration and press Enter

  2. And then to Collector: Configure Collector Proxy (optional) and press Entermceclip2.png

  3. Now choose to Enable or Disable collector Proxy by clicking the Space Bar and then press Enter 


  • The Proxy feature are now enabled and ready to be used for the Device Agent deployment:
  1. login to your security Center
  2. Click on Asset Manager
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click +New device
  5. Head to Deployment:
    • Under Proxy (optional) choose the the protocol you want to use for the proxy connection.
    • Choose the Scanner Appliance for the Proxy Connection
    • Now you have the PROXYSETTINGS arguments for the installation 
  6. Done!


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