Golden image installation

Device Agent supports to be embedded inside of a golden image.
It is only supported for the operating systems where Device Agent is currently officially supported.

A Device Agent on a newly deployed template using a golden image will automatically register and
initiate itself. This allows you to automate the complete process of having Device Agents running on
any of your devices within your IT environment, both for new and existing.

  1.  Create a new deployment token for Device Agents in Security Center. (How to deploy a new device agent within Security Center)
    •  This token needs to be valid during the time you plan this golden image to be active. If
      this token becomes expired it will stop new Device Agent’s from being registered using
      this token.
  2.  Download the Device Agent installer (e.g MSI) to the device which you intend to create the
    golden image from.
  3.  Disable and disconnect the network interface on this device to avoid it from registering Device
  4.  Install MSI package installer on the device (while the network interface is disabled and no
    connection is available).
    •  Enter the deployment token and endpoint
  5.   Finalize the installation.
  6. Confirm in config.yaml in the installation directory of Device Agent that the deployment token
  7. Done! 

Note: If you need to enable the network interface and enable the connection, make sure to stop Holm
Security Device Agent windows service so it does not run as it should not register itself for the golden

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