How do I install a Device Agent automatically via (ECM) old (SCCM)?

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ECM), previous name of this product was Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)


  1. Have a Device Collection set up and ready to be used in ECM.
  2. Create a new deployment token for Device Agents in Security Center.
    •  This token needs to be valid during the time you plan this app to be active. If this token
      becomes expired it will stop new Device Agent’s from being registered using this
  3. Download the Device Agent installer (e.g MSI) from Security Center.
  4. Copy the installation command and argument to be used in ECM

Create an Application for the Device Agent installer in ECM:

  1. In the application interface, click the Software Library tab on your left navigation menu.
  2. Expand the Overview dropdown, then expand the Application Management dropdown. Right-
    click Applications and click Create Application.
  3. Give your Application a name and a comment to describe it's function.
  4. Click Browse next to “Installation program” to locate the Device Agent .msi that you intend to
    push to target assets in your Device Collection.
  5. After locating the .msi, modify the Installation program field according to the example below.


Note: Both DEPLOYMENTTOKEN and ENDPOINTS are to be found from your Security Center account.



Distribution and deployment

Proceed to distribute your application to selected devices using e.g Distribute Content Wizard.

Note: Make sure to complete distribution before proceeding to deployment.

Deploy the Application in ECM:

  1. Right-click your Application and click Deploy. The “Deploy Software Wizard” window displays.
  2. Click Browse next to “Collection” to select the Device Collection that you configured earlier.
    Click Next.
  3. In the “Deployment Settings” step, set the deployment purpose as needed:
    • Required - The program will install without any action from the user.
  4. Click through the remaining steps of the deployment wizard with no changes.

The assets in your Device Collection will have the Device Agent available for installation according to
the configured refresh cycle. The installation will take place automatically.

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