How to troubleshoot Device Agents not connecting?

The first time the Device Agent is being installed can take up to 24 hours until it can be visible/connected to the Security Center. 

If the Device Agent is still not visible/connected after 24 hours then you will need to collect the log file and share it with our support (

To collect the log file, do the following:

  1. Make sure the service is running
  2. Collect log files from the installation directory
  3. Share these with Holm Security Support

Device Agent logs its actions to the main log file and software updates to a separate log file.

The logs are automatically written to the file and cleaned from the file as soon as they have been shared back to the Collector.

Collector retains logs for a limited period to allow diagnosing issues that can arise among several devices. Information logged includes runtime executions, status, and exceptions that could occur.

Logfiles can be tailed in case customers requires to handle logs centralized.

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