How to solve login issues after the new release?

As for the transition from the old Security Center to the new Security Center. There might be cases where you need to empty your browser cache in order for the new Security Center to work properly, otherwise, you might run into 502 errors, the maintenance page, or the Impersonation failed error message.

To fix this issue do the following:

  1. On the Security Center view, Right-click on the web browser and then select inspect.

  2. Navigate to the Application Storage.
  3. Press Clear site data.
  4. Refresh the browser web page (Ctrl-F5) to deploy changes.
  5. After refreshing the web browser on the Security center view, the error message "Impersonation failed" should disappear.mceclip0.png
  6. Try to log in again to any customer from the Organizer or re-type your credentials if you tried to log in from the Security Center.
  7. Done!
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