How to create a web training template?

In order to creae a web training template, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Phishing & Awareness Training Templates> Web Templates > +Add template.
  3. Under General information enter the following:
    • Name: the name of the assessment, e.g. Assessment all staff July 2022.
    • Language: choose the language for your web training template e.g. English.
    • Color theme: choose between a Dark theme or a Light theme.
    • Accent color: You can choose between 64 million different colors.
    • Custom logo: Upload your logo image by a URL.
  4. Under Training Steps click on Add training step (You can add up to 30 training steps)
    • Every step can be either a single or multiple questions or just a presentational step.
    • Title: Enter the name of the setup.
    • Content: choose between:
      • No interactive content

      • Singel choice
      • Multiple choice
    • In this article we will present the Multiple choice question: 
      • Question: insert the text of your question.
      • Mdeia: upload either an Image or a Video by inserting a link.
      • Interactive content: here you will have multiple answers where wither one or few can be Correct.
        • Select the Correct answers by checking the box to the right.
      • Feedback: you can define a feed for the Correct and Incorrect answer.
  5. Under Invitation Email here you can insert the text for your invitation email either by a text or by editing as HTML.
    • Click on Preview on the right up corner to preview the invitation email.
  6. Under Landing Page here you can edit the first page of the training:
    • Start button text: here you can insert the text you want to have in the start button e.g. Get started.
  7. Under Results Page here you can edit the results pgae that will be shown after the test is completed.
  8. Click Save changes.
  9. Done!
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