Release notes 2022-10-26

New unified scan profiles overview

The new scan profiles now consolidate both network, web application and policy profiles in one single overview. This makes it easier to overview and manage all your profiles across different asset types. The new profiles page comes with updated user experience and design that uses our new web framework.

Profiles for network assets have received several enhancements to make it easier to configure and set it up for different scan use cases. Here are the highlights of the changes made:

  • Network profiles now consist of a scan type that defines how scans will work. You can select between discovery, basic and full. 
  • Host discovery settings are now placed in a separate section, defining how assets are discovered to be alive or not. 
  • Vulnerabilities selection on what to scan for, has now been consolidated into a single section. 
  • Performance of the scan is now configured in its own section. 

What is the difference between Discovery, Basic, Full scan type?

New phishing templates

Four new phishing templates are now available in English:

  • Amazon account suspension
  • Covid-19
  • Apple payment failed
  • eBay gift card

General Enhancements

  • Support for private Vimeo videos for Phishing & Awareness Training.
  • Further validation of permissions has been added across several areas in Security Center.
  • Devices assets are not properly displayed in Vulnerability Manager. 


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