What are the Azure cost-saving plugins?

The Cloud Scanning product has a collection of plugins reporting unused services and misconfigurations that add unnecessary costs to your Azure account.

Here is the list of those plugins:

Active Advisor Recommendations

Cosmos DB
Cosmos DB Has Tags

Key Vaults
Key Vault Has Tags

Kubernetes Service
AKS Cluster Has Tags

Load Balancer
LB No Instances
Load Balancer Has Tags

PostgreSQL Server
PostgreSQL Server Has Tags

Redis Cache 
Redis Cache Has Tags

SQL Server
SQL Server Has Tags

Storage Accounts
Storage Account Has Tags

Virtual Machines
Guest Level Diagnostics Enabled
Snapshot Has Tags
Virtual Machine Has Tags
VM Desired SKU Size
VM Disk Has Tags
Virtual Network Has Tags
Premium SSD Disabled
No Unattached Disk Volumes
No Empty Scale Sets
Old VM Disk Snapshots

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