How do I install a Scanner Appliance in Azure? (Sweden DC only)

Holm Security has developed a Scanner Appliance image for Microsoft Azure.

The image is distributed as an Azure Virtual Machine Image and allows any of our customers to spin up a Scanner appliance within their Azure account. 

The Scanner Appliance image can be found in Microsoft Azure Market Place.

To add a new on premise scanner appliance, also called probe, for local scanning please follow these instructions. We recommend that you review the system requirements first:


Preparation for the Scanner appliance in Security Center

  1. Make sure you have added a new Cloud Azure Scanner Appliance in Security Center, where a token will be created.
  2. Copy the token you received. It will be used when initiating the virtual machine in Azure.
  3. Download the 
    This script will be used to register the Scanner Appliance.
  4. Open the, you will need to modify"token1"in the script and replace it with the Scanner Appliance token you received. 
  5. We recommend that you review the system requirements first:

Steps to set up Scanner appliance in Azure

  1. log in to your Azure portal.
  2. Head to Azure Marketplace and search for Holm Security Scanner Appliance.
  3. Select the Holm Security Scanner Appliance and click Create.
  4. Fill in the following in the Basic menu:
    • Select your Resource group.
    • Type in your Virtual machine name
    • Make sure of the selected Region.

    • Note: Public inbound ports: By default port 22 SSH is enabled.

  5. Click Advanced in the upper menu.
  6. Click on Select an extension to install

  7. Search for Custom Script For Linux in the search bar.
  8. Select the Custom Script For Linux and click Next

  9. Click Browse

  10. Select your Storage account or create a new one by doing the following:
    • Click +Storage account and fill in the following:
      • Name
      • Location
      • Resource Group
    • Click OK and wait for Azure to deploy the storage. 
  11. After the storage account has been deployed successfully, select it and click +Container to add a new container.
    • Name your container 
    • Click Create.

  12. Select your created container by double-clicking on it. Now you will need to upload a file that you downloaded and modified in the Preparation for the Scanner appliance in Security Center part of this article and click upload.
  13. Mark the, you uploaded and click Select.

  14. By default, the virtual machine will be created in a new Virtual Network (VNET).
    If you want to use your own VNET then click on Networking and select your VNET for the virtual machine.

  15. Click Review + create, wait for Azure to review and for the validation to pass and click Create.
  16. A window will pop up about a new key pair has been generated, click on Download private key and create resource.
  17. Done!





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