What is a unifcation & unified assets?

Data from multiple attack vectors

Security Center offers several scanning methods and other ways to collect data from different attack vectors in your attack surface - everything from web applications and APIs to networks, hosts, devices, cloud infrastructure and services, and users.

As represented in the Security Center, these are different asset types as they require different scanning methods. But within an organization, they can all be on a single asset such as a physical or virtual server, or the endpoint client computer.

Unified assets combine vulnerability data

Unified assets combine vulnerability from different sources into a single asset (a unified asset) as they are essentially the same virtual or physical device.

This empowers organizations to pinpoint risks more exactly, as the risk from many different sources is collected into a single unified asset. Fewer products are needed and your work will be more efficient.

Unification roadmap

The roadmap for making Security Center completely unified can be found here:





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