The next-generation of Security Center - 2023-03-02

The next-generation of Security Center

We are excited to announce the release of the first step towards the next generation of Security Center.

Over the past years, we have added broader coverage of different asset types, helping identify the risk across more areas within an organization. As we have evolved with our customers, we have identified the need to understand the attack surface within an organization, where understanding the overall risk plays an important role across both technical and human assets.

The next generation of Security Center will automatically unify assets from different asset types across different scanning method such as Network, Web applications, Devices and Cloud. It combines the risk from these technical assets together with the human assets from Phishing & Awareness Training where the user recipients are the assets.

By combining the risk across technical and human assets, we take into account the fact that a majority of successful attacks start with the user through a phishing campaign.

This unique approach to calculating the organization risk based on both technical and human assets will make it easy for organizations to address the most critical assets that make up for the most risk within their environment.

Unified Assets

Security Center offers several different scanning methods on a set of different asset types, everything from Web & API assets to Network & Hosts, Devices and Recipients. As represented in Security Center, these are different asset types as they require different scanning methods.

But within an organization, they can be a single asset such as an endpoint client computer which is both covered by a Network scan, a Device agent as well as used by a User recipient. It can also be a physical or virtual server that is covered by both Network, Web application and Device agent scanning.

Unified assets combine all these different asset types into a single unified asset, where all the different related asset types are grouped, and the overall risk is calculated based on properties from all the different scanning methods used.

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Risk Score

To easily understand where the largest risk is across your Unified assets, a new risk score between 0 - 100 is being released that helps to prioritize across all your assets. This risk score is assigned on the unified assets, which can consist of one or many assets grouped together.

The risk core takes several dimensions and data properties into calculation to make an as accurate projection of the risk score of a unified asset as possible. By analyzing the amount of vulnerabilities, severity scoring, existence of known exploits or ransomware, and many more properties – the risk score can be created.

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Getting early access

Over the next weeks, we are making these new features available to selected customers across Security Center. If you are interested getting early access, feel free to reach out to

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