What does the unification roadmap look like?

Here is the roadmap for the unification project. As you can see, we will step by step, make Security Center completely unified. 

Unification area: Details: Timeframe:
Phishing & Awareness Training Integration of the product in unification. Q2 2023
Vulnerability manager Unification of the vulnerability manager work view. Q2 2023
Asset tags Support for tags throughout unified assets. Q3 2023
Cloud assets Support for converting cloud assets to other asset types Q4 2023
Dashboard Version 2.0 of dashboard supporting unification. Q4 2023
Continuous monitoring Integration of continuous monitoring in unification. Q4 2023
Reports Integration of reports in unification. 2024
Remediation Integration of remediation in unification. 2024
Custom threat intelligence sources Support integration with custom threat intelligence sources from Microsoft and other major vendors. 2024
Unified cloud assets Cloud assets as a part of Unified Assets 2024
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