Release note 2023-04-04

Optimized report generation

We have improved the way large reports are generated by introducing background generation. This now allows for initiating the generation of reports while being able to continue to work in Security Center. You can view and download the background-generated report as soon as the report is generated.

Improved scan time management

Flexible scan blackout windows

Scan blackout windows that stop any ongoing scanning during a predefined time period have been enhanced with coverage for flexible scheduling. This helps you have more control over your scanning times. 

How do I setup a scan blackout window?

Pause ongoing scans

Network scans can now be paused for up to 2 hours. 

How the returned status of scans works?

Improved CVE search

The vulnerability tests database view now supports searching for a CVE directly in the main search filter.

Other enhancements

  • General improvements of the new web scan engine (bug fixes, performance, and stability). Please notice that this applies to web scans where the new web scan engine is used (activated in the web scan profile).
  • Scanner Appliance notifications have been improved to reduce false alarms.
  • Categories and subcategories can now be selected with the Topdesk integration.
  • Editing a scan schedule that utilizes a Scanner Appliance group now works correctly.
  • Security Center welcome email for new users has received a facelift.
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