Release note 2023-04-28

Improved Coverage for Device Agent Vulnerabilities

There have been several improvements to our security feed regarding how certain software vendors and applications can be identified as vulnerable. These new improvements increase the Device Agent’s vulnerability coverage on current operating systems, enhancing how it identifies vulnerabilities for vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, and Zoom.

For example, we now provide improved detection for Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft .NET, as well as for Microsoft SQL Server, when using the Device Agent.

General Availability of Unified Assets and Risk Scoring

In March 2023, we introduced the first step of unifying Security Center through the release of our new unified assets view, together with the new risk score model. Today we are happy to announce that this enhanced functionality is now generally available for everyone.

We will continue to invest in Next-Gen Vulnerability Management, where unification and a unified risk score is one of the pillars, and plan several more releases related to this throughout this year, making it even easier for you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Enhanced Support for Backported Patches on RedHat

Support for backported patches has been enhanced for RedHat, so detecting vulnerabilities across different RedHat versions has improved. This will reduce the amount of potential false positives that can occur when vulnerabilities are found for packages on older operating systems versions.

The new support for RedHat will initially have coverage for the RedHat Security Advisories from 2023 and will gradually improve as our Security Research Team adds additional RedHat Security Advisories.

Other Enhancements

  • Topdesk remediation integration now supports defining a top category and sub-category.
  • Tags are now included in the CSV records when a report is exported.
  • The problem with duplicated records when filtering in Organizer has now been fixed.
  • Resolved a missing action button for Continues Monitoring.
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