Release notes

Release notes 2022-04-19

News & security updates directly in Security Center

Security Center now comes with an embedded news feed that is located both in the header as well as in a separate widget on the dashboard. From the news feed, users can digest relevant information from different areas which Holm Security aggregates into a single feed.  

The different categories of news that you can digest from within Security Center include:

  • Product news.
  • Essential vulnerability information and coverage within the platform.
  • Technical news including platform announcements and events.
  • Security announcements such as 0-day vulnerabilities and critical vulnerabilities.
  • General updates from Holm Security.

Exploits & ransomware threat intelligence

We are excited to share that additional threat intelligence information about exploits and ransomware has been added to network vulnerabilities. These new data points provide a new secondary dimension for you to assess the risk and prioritize among your network vulnerabilities. 

Every network vulnerability is continuously analyzed for known exploits and ransomware by our Security Research Team, which includes essential information and references about the risks identified. 

Within Security Center, you can now easily filter and view information for network vulnerabilities relating to exploits and ransomware - powerful and easy!

Other improvements

  • Scanner Appliance will report current free memory (RAM) as a new health metric (available from upcoming revision 42).
  • Importing Phishing & Awareness Training recipients now support both semi-colons and commas as separating symbols.
  • Neutral severity status is now by default not displayed on the widgets for Phishing & Awareness Training.
  • Addressed a rare case where max severity was incorrectly calculated on assets.
  • Network scans and schedules have received several performance improvements that will result in an overall better user experience.