Release notes

Release notes 2022-08-08

Improved Report for Phishing & Awareness Training 

A brand-new report is now available for Phishing & Awareness Training. This new report comes with new widgets available and an updated layout, aligning it with our other reports in Security Center. We have also taken the time to enhance it by making it possible for improved trend reports based on up to 5 assessments.  

  • Trend report supporting up to 5 assessments
  • New widgets with improved data visibility
  • Track trend on specific assessment actions
  • Improved overview of assessment information summary
  • Inclusion of footer with legends

How to get started with reports for Phishing & Awareness Training

New Enhanced Management of Integrations 

We are happy to announce our new area in Security Center where integrations can be managed. As Security Center is a part of internal workflows, integrations are often a key to make sure the workflows are compatible with multiple products.  

The new integrations page allows you to configure each integration more granularly, now with each service having its data fields exposed and able to be configured in Security Center. Security Center now makes even more values available to be mapped within integrations, across assets, vulnerabilities, and remediation.  

Security Center currently supports integrations natively with the following products, where our API allows for even more custom integrations:  

  • ServiceNow
  • Topdesk
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Webhooks
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Get started with integrations

New Domain Management  

New intelligence has been brought to Phishing & Awareness Training to make simulations more realistic using multiple domains and improving the quality of assessments. These new enhancements automatically monitor how browsers interpret specific domains to decrease the impact when domains being blocked. 

We have added about 50 more domains that are now automatically categorized into relevant groups that are used when performing assessments. You can easily track the status of categories and domains within the new Domains page. The new category groups and domains will continue to be built out over time 

Templates have been changed to be assigned to a domain category instead of a single domain. When new assessments are configured, we automatically share what domains and IP’s that need to be whitelisted for the assessments to be carried out successfully.  

How domain management works (Phishing & Awareness Training)

Multiple New Phishing Templates Available 

Several new templates are now available for Phishing & Awareness Training to be used within your assessments: 

  • Spotify - Suspicious login
  • Spotify - Unable to bill
  • Klarna – General payment

New Statistics in Vulnerability Manager

New statistics are now available to easily track metrics for your vulnerabilities relating to network and web assets. The new widgets are a part of Vulnerability Manager, where you can track trends of your vulnerabilities over time.

This enables you to see how you improve over time and where your largest risks are currently across all your vulnerabilities and assets. The statistics are available across the following vulnerability data:

  • State
  • Severity
  • Status
  • Tag

General Enhancements 

  • Scan schedules have received improvements to improve the reliability of their executions.  
  • Scanner Appliance group names could sometimes be incorrectly displayed which have now been fixed. 
  • Phishing & Awareness Training notifications are now always saved properly.