Ignore and disable

How do I ignore or disable vulnerabilities?

Vulnerability manager allows the user to ignore and disable vulnerabilities to handle false positives and known issues or temporarily remove vulnerabilities.

To ignore vulnerabilities for specific hosts or web applications, you use the ignore functions. A really good feature is to add an expiration time to your ignored vulnerabilities. You will be reminded in the future and have the option to either act on the vulnerability or extend the expiration time. If you want to disable a vulnerability, use the disable function. This will hide the specific vulnerability for all hosts and web apps. 

Notice that tests related to ignored and disabled vulnerabilities are still active and can be executed in scans. Turning of tests are done in scan profiles for network and web application scanning.

How do I ignore a vulnerability for one or more hosts?

  1. Log in to Security Center.
  2. Click Vulnerability Manager in the main menu.
  3. Unfold the vulnerability.
  4. Check one or more hosts. By checking the checkbox left to the first host you check all hosts.
  5. Then click the Ignore button.
  6. Check Ignore selected vuln(s).
  7. Check the reason and then also an expiration time if wanted.
  8. Click Ignore.
  9. Done!

Image showing the ignore button and function.


How do I disable a vulnerability?

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Vulnerability manager in the main menu.
  3. Check one or more vulnerabilities in the list by checking the checkbox left of the unfold/fold icon.
  4. Then click the Ignore button.
  5. Check Disable vuln(s) for all hosts/web apps.
  6. Check reason.
  7. Click Disable.
  8. Done!