Scan profiles

How does custom content work in the web application profile?

Holm Security VMP allows users to scan for custom sensitive content in a web application scan, to look for specific regular expressions of sensitive data such as personal ID numbers or credit card numbers.

To add regular expressions to your scan follow the steps below.

  1. log in to Security Center.
  2. Click Scan web app > Scan profiles.
  3. Edit or create a new scan profile.
  4. Click Scan settings > Scroll to the bottom of page
  5. In the Custom content section add the regular expression you wish the scanner to search for, example is "(?:0[1-9]|[12]\d|3[01])(?:[04][1-9]|[15][0-2])\d{7}" which identifies Norwegian personal identity number.
  6. Click enter > Click OK to save settings. 
  7. Done!