How to overview all identified software applications across assets?

New Asset Applications view, enables you with a new dimension of all your scanned assets.
By keeping track of all the identified software applications from your assets, you can easily get a single overview with an inventory of your applications.

This helps to understand the risk that is tied to specific applications, what vulnerabilities are present, and across what assets.

By using the list of identified Asset Applications, you can easier work with a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) which can support the proactive work on supply chain attacks and understand dependencies across assets.

To view the Asset Applications view (beta feature) within your Security Center, do the following:

  1. log in to Security Center.
  2. Click on Asset Manager.
  3. Click on the APPLICATIONS header to view your application details. e.g. name of the host where this web app has been identified, the first and last time it was scanned.
  4. Click on a certain Web Application to view the details or click on Filter if you want to search by a specific filter.
    • Click on Save filters as a new view to create a new view.
    • Enter a name for the new view.
    • Click OK and you're done!
  5. Done!