Release notes

Release notes 2022-06-09

Web-based awareness training takes Phishing & Awareness Training to the next level 

We have released web-based awareness training with best-in-class videos. With this new feature, you can create complete flows of simulation, awareness training, and questionnaire follow-ups. The user performance is being tracked, providing a user risk score - so that you can put in your efforts where they are needed the most. Awareness training and questionnaire comes with a set of out-of-the-box templates and videos in multiple languages.  All new features are available for existing customers. If you're interested in Phishing & Awareness Training, please contact your sales representative or send an email to

We are extremely excited to announce the general availability of the new generation of Phishing & Awareness Training. This new generation comes with a set of new features that focuses on enhancing awareness training of users and the recurring frequency of phishing and training sessions. 

Web awareness training allows recipients to participate in tailored web-based training after they have been a part of phishing send out. The web-based session flow is customizable and empowers you to:

  • Use a different amount of steps that the recipient should pass through in order to complete the training. 
  • Customize the questions and options on each step - allowing you to build your own forms. 
  • Decide what answers are correct and wrong on each step with interactive feedback to users.
  • Allowing to track statistics for each recipient that impacts severity risk scoring. 

Assessments now support multiple sessions that will enable phishing to send out to be followed up with several training sessions over a longer period of time. This opens up for recurring training sessions to track the performance of recipients and trends of their development over time. 

We have also released additional language support for our templates, making it easier to run localized assessments across different geographical regions. 

How to set up a web-based awareness training

Asset compliance thresholds 

The compliance report is an efficient method to keep a track of how compliant your environments and assets are against a set of defined thresholds. Until today you have been able to set thresholds that are applied against the summarized output of the report. 

With today's release, we make it possible to have more granular threshold levels which can be applied to each asset that is evaluated against the compliance thresholds. This enables you to both track compliance on a summarized level across all assets included in the report, together with a more granular tracking for each asset. 

How to setup compliance thresholds

Improved performance 

As Holm Security grows, so does the number of customers and data that we process on a regular basis. This has created performance challenges in Security Center which have resulted in certain views and widgets being slower than the acceptable level we strive for. 

We have worked intensively to improve performance in general with several improvements across Security Center. To build for the future and allow us to use more data in the features we build and visualize today, we have invented a brand new data aggregation engine. This will make data generation and visualization faster, avoiding future bottlenecks. We hope you will enjoy our faster Security Center. 

Device Agent asset report

A new report template is now available for Device Agent assets, making it possible to get an overview with details across device assets. This includes understanding the state of assets and how different vulnerabilities severities and risks across assets are divided. 

Assets are listed with meta-information ranging from network information to the individual vulnerability severity risk scoring and the number of applications that are vulnerable.

How to generate a Device Agent asset report

Other improvements

  • Asset tags are now displayed properly for network scan results.
  • UDP ports are listed again when viewing information for individual assets. 
  • New Phishing & Awareness Templates in Danish is now generally available