How do I schedule a scan for multiple web applications?

To scan multiple web applications we recommend scheduling a scan with a small delay, preferably one application each hour. If it is the first time creating a scan schedule, see the following article:

Don't scan multiple web applications on the same server
Please notice that we don't recommend to scan more than one web application on the same server at the same time.

You have 5 web applications you wish to scan during nighttime. Each application runs on different web servers. The first scan will be scheduled to start at 22.00.

Web application no. 1 is the main site of the company. Web applications no. 2-5 are smaller sites with less links to crawl. 

  1. log in to Security Center.
  2. Click Scan webb app.
  3. Click on Schedule.
  4. Click on +Add scan schedule.
  5. Create a scheduled scan to start at 22.00 targeting web application no. 1 which in this case is the main site. Click OK to save the schedule. 
  6. Create a scheduled scan for web application no. 2 to start 2 hours later for example 00.00.
  7. Create a schedule for web application no. 3 to start at 02.00.
  8. Create a schedule for web application no. 4 to start at 04.00.
  9. Create a schedule for web application no. 5 to start at 06.00. Setup a notification when the scan is finished, so that you will get notified when all scans are done.
  10. Done!